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There are Pretenders among us. Geniuses with the ability to become anyone they want to be. In 1963, a corporation none as the Centre isolated a young Pretender, named Jarod and exploited his genius for their research. Then one day, their Pretender ran away...
Заставка сериала

The Pretender
Music By
Velton Ray Bunch

Original music from the television series by Velton Ray Bunch
1 - The Pretender Main Title (99/00)
2 - The Pretender Main Title (Partial 1996 - 1997)
3 - Stalker
4 - Jarod's Mom
5 - Pretenders Among Us
6 - March Of The Roaches
7 - From the Past
8 - Zoe & Jarod's Love Theme
9 - I Miss You (featuring Pamela Neal)
10 - Parker's Loss
11 - Sexy mr. Raines
12 - Awake I Lie (featuring Farah)
13 - Bridgette's Theme /Cat & Mouse
14 - In The Bubble
15 - Argyle
16 - Escape
17 - Jarod's Plotting Theme
18 - Take Down Theme
19 - Valentine
20 - Main Title Demo 1
21 - Main Title Demo 2
22 - Main Title Demo 3
23 - Main Title Demo 4
24 - Main Title Demo 5
25 - Main Title Demo 6
26 - Daddy & Bridgette Tie the Knot
27 - Lay Down Your Burdons (featuring Billy Preston)
28 - Jingle Bark, Jingle Bark


"Who am I? Was I bought or was I stolen? And where are my Mom and Dad?"
"Hello Sydney" (Jarod) "My god, how did you get in?" (Sydney) "The same way I got out." (Jarod)
"This is about Kyle isn't it?" (Sydney) "Kyle is out there. Was he sent to kill my parents?" (Jarod) "My god Jarod I don't know ... I swear it." (Sydney)
"And by the way, ice cream... is good."
"Catch me if you can."
"Well I guess my luck just ran out."
"Check your mail Miss Parker."
"I'll be right back."
"Why do you need a second phone line?" "It's for my modem" "Ohhh ... one of those."
"I'm not gonna be your scientist experiment anymore, Sydney!"
"You and Centre will never get me back!"
"Everytime I close my eyes - I go somewhere."
"It's cold in the Artic, Sydney. Almost as frigid as the Centre."
"Well, simulations are sort of my specialty."
"Who the hell are you?"  "I'm many people....But tonight .... I'm a truck
"You aren't giving up on me, are you Miss Parker?" (Jarod to Miss Parker) "You wish!"
"You're doing the right thing." (Jarod to Miss Parker) "Call me Mother Theresa from now on."


"Sydney" (Broots) "Broots I need you to do something for me" (Sydney) "Sure ... What" (Broots) "Hack into Mr. Raines computer" (Sydney)
"Dragon House is located in a place called Deltashores New Jersey."
"SL-27 ... Sub-Level 27"
"If Raines knew we found those files, we'd be dead."
"Afraid of the dark, Syd?" (Miss Parker) "Only when I can't see what's in it." (Sydney)
"You can't save them all, Jarod. You may be a Pretender, but you're human."
"Jarod will never be bored in the outside world. He's trying to save lives." (Sydney to Miss Parker)
"Jarod's trying to tell me something."
" I'm fantasize about killing. Killing him. "
"You can do whatever you like, but we won't get any results until you get out of my way." (Sydney to Raines)
" Last night I went on a date." (Sydney) "You had a date?" (Broots) "It's when two people actually meet instead of typing to each other on a computer keyboads." (Miss Parker)
"You are doing so well. Don't stop now."
"This is Sydney."
"I'm afraid Mr Lyle does not share your sense of loyalty."
"Maybe the world really is changing."

Мисс Паркер

"It's The Centre. People have a tendancy to vanish."
"Relax. He's probably holed up in Whoville, experiencing the Grinch for the first time." (Miss Parker to Sydney)
"Oh you must be feeling lucky..."
"I know what I want."
"Hello, Jarod. "
" Your little monster wants a teddy bear, uh, Sydney?" (Miss Parker) "Jarod is not a monster." (Sydney) "Call him what you want, Dr. Frankenstein, just tell me where he is." (Miss Parker)
"Daddy. I'm leaving the Centre."
"I'm just tired Syd. I'm gonna go home to bed. And I have a feeling I am going to sleep like a baby."
"My relationship ...... is to find him and bring him back. Preferably alive, but dead's becoming more acceptable."
"Get something straight. Broots might be an idiot but he's *my* idiot. The only one who terrorises him is me."
"That's it! I'm counting to three and then I'm going to shoot you...."
"You help me catch him and you won't just get paid.  I'll make sure... that you get a ... sweet ... reward."
"What the hell do you want from me Jarod?"
"She's a good kid. Always take care of her or I will hunt you down and kill you. Understand?"
"I'm going out. If anyone asks where I am ... lie."
"You shouldn't have wasted your time helping the down-trodden" (Miss Parker) "I haven't wasted my freedom." (Jarod) "Jarod, you were wrestling an alligator" (Miss Parker)
"You're the one who decides who lives or dies, right?" (Miss Parker) "You know my work." (Kyle)

Мистер Лайл, Брутс, Бриджит, Анжело, мр. Рейнс и мр. Паркер

"Hey sis, it's as strange for me as it is for you, that our father's married in Brigitte, which I'd slept with by myself." (mr. Lyle)
"What do you want?" (Jarod) "Isn't it obvious? I want everything!" (mr. Lyle)
"I know exactly what I'm doing." (Lyle)
"I'm disappointed in you Jarod. If there's one thing I don't do easy, it's die." (mr. Lyle)
"The world is changing. Mr Parker is gone. Mr Raines is gone. Miss Parker is ... God only knows where. But you and I are here. And I'm in charge." (mr. Lyle)
"I love that story..." (Broots)
"And what's so great about your life? You're forced to stay at the Centre until you catch a guy they stole from his parents. Haunted by the murder of your mother. Competing for your father's attention with a bald-headed lunatic who drags around an oxygen tank...." (Broots) "Careful!" (Miss Parker)
"And they said you were so hard to catch." (Brigitte)
"Look. I'm gonna be your new Mommy." (Brigitte)
"It's a dangerous world little lady, you can't be too careful." (Brigitte)
"Congratulations Miss P. You're going to have a baby brother or sister." (Brigitte)
"He's a boy....... Let him be a boy." (Angelo)
"Time for my treatment!" (Angelo)
"Jarod is rubbing our noses in it." (mr. Raines)
"We should all be careful about the mistakes we make. Shouldn't we?" (mr. Raines)
"If you can't trust your family who can you trust? Ha ha ha." (mr. Parker)
"Leaving? But this is your home." (mr. Lyle) "It's the only life you've ever known." (mr. Parker) "The only life I've been allowed to know." (Miss Parker)